Tampa Wedding Photographer - Your Story By Us


"As a photographic artist myself, the task of choosing a photographer for my wedding was overwhelming and terrifying. My bachelors degree and years of experience in photography not only gave me the ability to create all that I can imagine with a camera, but it also trained me to analyze and re-analyze every angle, fall of light, gesture, expression, color, form, and how all the visual elements of a picture contribute to translating it's purpose. In less words, it taught me how to find flaws. It is comparative to film school-you will never watch a movie the same way again. With that said, Wes & Liz have such an immense amount of talent and passion, that it beams from every frame. The incredible work that came of my husband and I's wedding made me laugh, cry, and relive every moment. The confidence they took with us allowed me to be a bride, instead of a photographer on my wedding day- a trust that no amount of money could ever buy. Your Story By Us is not yo mama's photographer, but if you hope to have your wedding captured in a unique and artful manner by two people who love what they do, and do it better than everyone else, they are certainly yours! With love, Bunny aka Michelle"
- Bunny aka Michelle

"If I can rate them a million stars I would! They were the BEST decision I made for my wedding day. I originally put a deposit on a different photographer and was not happy with that photographers service or photography skills once we received our engagement pictures. I contacted Wes and luckily he was available on our wedding day. Him and his wife Liz really took the stress off from day 1 by knowing no matter what, my pictures will be AMAZING. Our engagement pics look incredible as well. Ladies if I can give you any advice, get a great dress and a great photographer!!! Your story by us is definitely the best decision you will make!!! I cant wait to book our rock the dress/trash the dress photo session next! I cant get enough of them!!"
- Cristi

"I knew immediately after reading Wes and Liz's About Us on their website and their reviews on Wedding Wire that this was the couple that I desperately needed to photograph our wedding. They are beyond amazing. I basically stalked them for a week trying to book them (they were at a photography conference at the time I made my initial inquiry) but I am so glad I did because they've been fantastic. From our engagement shoot to the wedding itself, Wes and Liz have just been an incredible part of our team. They were able to make my husband(!) and I look like we weren't incredibly awkward in front of the camera (which...believe me, I was) and their photography style is just...breathtaking. They're easy-going, relaxed and relaxing (both are important, in my opinion), and I truly felt like they were two friends of mine doing me a favor and not like I was just another bride at another wedding just getting the same old photos taken. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. I honestly want them to photograph all my major events in life just so I can pretend they're my friends. That's how awesome they are. Don't even look at any other photographers. Stick with Your Story By Us and you will be so glad and grateful you did."
- Gift